Landlords and Builders

Remember this BEFORE you do your EICR

Hi, this is Tom Soane and builders and property investors and landlords, if you’re going to refurbish a property in order to rent it out then please, please, please get your EICR done first, your electrical installation condition report. 

Please do it first because think about it if you do an awesome refurbishment job on your property, you do a new kitchen, new bathroom, new flooring, replaster, all the walls, do a full job throughout and a complete redecoration and it’s looking awesome. 

You’re getting excited because you know, you’re going to get a ton of rent coming in for that property. 

You’re going to get loads of tenants interested but before you rent it out, you send the electrician out to do the EICR and then the electrician comes back to you and says, I’ll here are five things that you need to do in the property before I can sign this off as safe. 

So now you might then have to do make certain readjustments on that full refurbishment job you’ve already paid for and done. You might have to do things with the flooring, you might have to pull some of the flooring up, you might have to do something with the plastering you’ve done, the decoration. You might have to move certain things. 

You might have put a kitchen in which has become uncompliant with the EICR. You might have done the same in the bathroom, in the rest of the house light fittings, light switches, all of those things and wiring and circuit boards, and so on. What I’m getting at is that if you do that refurbishment before your EICR, you might end up costing yourself more money after you’ve got that EICR report done. 

So what I’m saying is get the EICR report done first – electrical installation condition report done first, and then do you refurbishment using the information in that report to include in your refurbishment. So I hope that helps my name is Tom Soane and this is The Anonymous Landlord.