On The Podcast This Week…

Well, I have been BUSY. This week I have brought you loads of updates across various aspects of the property investment and lettings industry

Episode 26 – Do Landlords Hold Their Tenants Hostage

Last week, a post came up on my Facebook news feed saying that Landlords help their tenants hostage. I won’t lie, this sent me off on a rant. So join me as I explain why the perception of Landlords is wrong and needs to be brought into the 21st century!

Episode 27 – BONUS EPISODE – Women In Property

I’ve just had a massive rant about Women in Property and I’d love to know what you think?! It was so much of a rant, I had to put it on The Anonymous Landlord podcast immediately, spontaneously. Here it is…

Episode 28 – How To Attract The Best Tenants For Your Property From The Start!

In this episode, I’m sharing my tips to attract the best tenant for you property every time. You’ll learn how to create the PERFECT property listing, how you can advertise your property to as many people as possible AND some insider techniques for showing prospective tenants around your property!

Episode 29 – EVICTION EXTENSION UPDATE – How You Can Recover Rent

Last week, it was confirmed the government have extended the Eviction Ban until the 20th September which means that Landlords are waiting EVEN LONGER to get their rent. So what can you do?

Episode 30 – What You MUST Check Before, During and After A Viewing

Before you buy a property, you must check for these vital warning signs before the viewing, at the property and after the viewing. I’ll also be helping you get Estate Agents on your side and what you should do the MINUTE you put an offer in!

Episode 31 – 5 Ways To Invest £25k In Property

5 Ways To Invest £25k in Property plus some advice on how to get the mortgage you need to maximise your property investment. This is a Podcast specifically for Deon but the advice will be really helpful to anyone who would like to invest in property. 

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