On The Podcast This Week….

Episode 15 – Property Investment 101

I’ve mentioned Property Investment 101 so many times throughout my videos and podcasts, and I realised that I’ve never actually told you what that is! So I wanted to give you some insight. On this episode I share with you 4 different strategies that you can use yourself to grow your portfolio.

Episode 16 – July Market Update

2020 has been a strange old year for everyone, and the property market has of course been affected. However last month, the world started to return to normal with the market opening back up for viewings, valuations and listings. So how did it go for us? And what do I think is going to happen in the long term? I have a look at what happened in July and my predictions for the remainder of 2020 and beyond…

Episode 17 – An Interview with… Rob Moore

It’s no secret that I am in AWE of Rob Moore – he’s a machine in property, business and marketing so having the opportunity to interview him on The Anonymous Landlord was a dream come true. Join us as we discuss how to stay focussed, how Rob would do things differently if he had to start again and what his favourite smell is. 

Join me next week on The Anonymous Landlord to bust the myth of how much money landlords actually make, what my Golden Number and an exclusive interview with Barrie McDowell, the brain behind 29 Ways To Kill Your Tenant!

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