On The Podcast This Week….

Episode 12 – BEHIND THE SCENES: Investing Away From Home

It’s all well and good investing in property where you know you know all the risks but do you know what’s really scary? Investing in property in a location you’ve never even been before. 

So naturally, that’s what I’ve done with not just one property, but two. 

Episode 13 – 3 Ways To Value Your Property

At some point in your property ownership, you will need to know the value of that investment. Here are my tips for getting the most accurate value on your property. 

Episode 14 – LIVE in Newcastle with Tony Fairs

I took myself up to Newcastle to get the grand tour of Newcastle! The one and only Tony Fairs talks property, investing and property sourcing!

Join me next week on The Anonymous Landlord for Property Investment 101, the Market Update for July and on Friday you’ll be able to listen to my interview with Property LEGEND Rob Moore!

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