On The Podcast This Week…

Can you believe we’re 8 episodes in already? Crazy!

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to listen and download so far, it’s great to hear that people are tuning in and taking away some good information from the instalments!

This week on the podcast, I’ve reached into the vaults to share some stories with my newer followers…

Episode 6. CASE STUDY – Turning 50k into 120k

I wanted to share a basic overview as to how I propose to turn £50k into 120k per year for one of my clients. It’s SO easy and you can replicate it yourself if you’re already up and running with investments.

Episode 7. Making Your Money Work For You

I see a lot of mistakes being made in the Property Investment market and it comes down to 2 things – ego and stubbornness. I’ve shared a story with you that will hopefully help you see things a little differently. And also stop you from losing money out of spite. 

Episode 8. An Interview with… Jody Gough

Joined by my best friend and business partner, I invited Jody along to talk about how you as a landlord, can avoid a lengthy and potentially costly sales process when you’re buying your next investment property. 

Join me next week to see for an insight into how you can adjust your property business mindset, an indepth look at what you need to be taking into account when you rent a property and I’m joined by the one and only Sally Lawson who will be talking about her career in lettings, investment and beyond!

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