Say NO To Rightmove? No Chance! Well, Not Yet Anyway…

I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to a campaign that’s going on at the moment amongst Estate Agents which is a movement called Say No To Rightmove. 

I want to talk about it, but perhaps now in the way you’d expect. 

Now the campaign was launched as a way of trying to combat Rightmove’s high fees. Yes these fees are quite high, and yes it is expensive to advertise on there so I absolutely sympathise – let’s face it, I pay them too. So the campaign is encouraging Agents to ditch Rightmove and instead opt for sites such as Zoopla and OnTheMarket. 

It’s a good cause but I can’t help but think you need to look at this logically. 

Where I’m based, in Portsmouth in Hampshire, Rightmove accounts for about 75% of all property searches and enquiries from both buyers and tenants. It offers a good return on my investment an allows me to advertise the Pink Street properties to prospective tenants and property buyers. 

My job, as an Estate and Letting Agent, is to advertise properties. So naturally, I’m going to look at where is going to generate the most interest for my properties. In my area, Zoopla is alright, OnTheMarket is alright, Rightmove is better in terms of the return on my investment.

Look, don’t get me wrong. I believe in the cause of Rightmove is too expensive, but I believe more in providing a return on investment for my clients and a return on investment for my business. So I would ask the question, if you’re in an area where Rightmove is the dominant property search engine or the property search place for buyers and tenants, and you’ve left Rightmove to go for the not so good property search places, what are you doing? I genuinely want to know what your thoughts are behind this.

Our job is to make money for our clients. Yes we’re making money for our business, and yes that means looking at our own return on investment but let’s look at is this way; if your agent came to you and said, “Do you know what Mr and Mrs. Client, we’re not going to advertise your property on Rightmove? Even though it’s the best place to advertise your property, we’re not going to do it anymore because we want to save 1,400 quid a month or 1,500 quid a month plus VAT. But we want to save that money for our business.” How would you feel as a client of that business if they said that to you?

So if you’re selling a property or you’re renting out a property and it’s on the market now, and your agent has elected not to use Rightmove, find out why.