LANDLORDS: Mandatory Electrical Inspections… What You Need to Know

From the 1st July 2020 all new tenanted properties in the UK, must have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) every 5 years to confirm that the property is safe for its tenants. Sounds fair right?

I actually think this is a very good and positive piece of legislation which will protect landlords from other legislation that’s been brought in over the last few years. This also protects tenants too so how can this be a bad thing. 

This helps protects landlords from legislation that allows tenants to sue landlord directly if a property is unfit for human habitation. It helps protect the landlord from serious damage that can be caused to the property by faulty electrical installations. A lot of the time, an un-trainer eye can’t spot electrical


Look, it’s yet another cost to the landlord right? But if we’re all staying on the right strategy and making a return on investment for every single pound we invest in our properties, we’ll be ok. 

If you’re one of those landlords that doesn’t bother with these things, failure to comply will get you fined  up to £30,000. Even worse, if something serious happens to your tenant, you’ll be personally prosecuted. “I didn’t know” will not be accepted as a reason I promise.

I personally welcome this move. My lettings team at Pink Street have already started implementing this and preparing Landlords for the new legislation. Talk to your agent and get this done now. If you don’t have a letting agent, pop me an email or a message and I’ll connect you with a local electrician that can help you. 

So what is stopping you? I wanted to share this with you, to give you a bit of reassurance and answer perhaps some of the questions that have been holding you back.

How much is it going to cost me?

The inspection itself is only going to be about £100 but it’ll vary from electrician to electrician. The first one might show up some work that’s required to bring your property up to date. Take that on the chin because electrical work tends to be a long term is. WARNING: Beware of “cheap” electricians charging low cost EICRs. Remember it’s their business and they ONLY make money by doing electrical work for you. Go for recommended and reputable instead of cheap. Some of you will ignore that. 

How do I get an inspection carried out?

Simple, book a local electrician. Most of them will already be doing these inspections and reports. Or speak to any local letting agent and they’ll connect you with their recommended contractor. 

What if my property is empty?

If you intend to keep it empty, you have nothing to worry about. If you want to put a tenant in there, get an EICR. You need it done BEFORE a tenant moves in. 

I have an agency but I don’t know if an inspection has been done?

If you have a decent agent, they’ll know about this. If you have a friend or family member managing your property, or a sole trader ‘property manager’ or something like that. You’ll need to check. WARNING: if your agent doesn’t do this, it’s you that gets screwed. 

Overall, get on to this now. I’ll help you however I can. I am

Connected with the top letting agents in the country and if you’re around Portsmouth, my lettings agent Pink Street fab help. If you don’t want a letting agent that’s fine. I’ll connect you with a reliable and trusted local contractor. 

Just message me through Facebook, email me ( or phone me at the Pink Street office. Or message me through LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube. Anywhere. Or, if you prefer, just pop into my office in Portsmouth or Fareham. 

Hope that helps