The Property Secrets Club…

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The Property Secrets Club has been quietly working behind the scenes with carefully selected group of Property Developers, Investors, Landlords and Homeowners. Over the last years, I’ve built superb property portfolios for my clients and generated huge profits. I’ve increased the value of my client’s existing properties. I’ve kept my Landlords compliant with all changes in law and legislation. I’ve consistently increased profitability for my clients over the years through my exclusive ‘Property Secrets Strategy’ and now I’m opening a few more spaces for people that want to achieve the best results in property.

Me, I founded an Estate Agent and Letting Agent which now works in Portsmouth, Southsea, Fareham and Gosport. I’m also a Property Developer and Landlord myself so I’ve followed my own strategy too!

I’ve worked with many of the best Estate Agents and the best Letting Agents in the South of England, collecting knowledge and insights from the key players in the Property Industry.

I’ve been running the Property Secrets Club (in secret) for a few years now and it’s time to share the success with more people. I’ve separated the entire network into four levels so everybody can get involved as much as they want to.

  1. Property Secrets – This is a group where anybody can watch, read and listen to my advice, tips and guides on doing it themselves. I’ll share news, updates and inside knowledge in the industry. 
  2. Property Secrets Club – Join a small group of people and I’ll give you secret and exclusive property deals. I’ll manage the offer, purchase and sale progression. I’ll bring you exclusive mortgage rates and solicitor rates. You’ll receive the exclusive Property Secrets Pack which gives you everything you need to let and manage your own property. 
  3. Property Secrets VIP Club – Once you’ve got two deals under your belt with me, you’ll get access to our ‘Exclusive’ property deals. I’ll manage your refurbishment from start to finish. I’ll monitor the investment monthly with statements and a report. We’ll have a weekly 1-2-1 review during the project. You’ll receive 2 tickets to the quarterly seminar and 1 ticket to our quarterly video webinar. 
  4. Property Secrets Elite Club – Once you’ve generated £100,000 in profit, you’ll join the Property Secrets Elite Club. In this club (for high-achievers only) you’ll have access to our wealth management program and you’ll secure a guaranteed return on your investment. You’ll never need to pay a deposit and all fees are paid from profits. You’ll be invited to work with me on joint ventures where we’ll make some serious money! You’ll get 12 workshop credits and Tom will personally manage you through the entire Secret Property Strategy with weekly 1-2-1 meetings, monthly performance reviews, annual strategy meeting and access to my brain at anytime.

I only work with carefully selected people and it’s nothing to do with the amount of money you have. You must be enthusiastic about property, driven to grow your wealth through property and most importantly, you’ve got to be pleasant to work with. I only do this so I can enjoy working with you so it’s vital to me that you’re the right fit for my Club. Don’t worry if you don’t qualify, you can still keep yourself in the loop with my Property Secrets website.